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a group photo of volunteers at a tree planting ceremony for the group Bocas Rainforest Reforestation Initiative

Bocas Rainforest Reforestation Initiative Is Launched

Every June, Panama celebrates National Reforestation Day and this year a newly formed organization, Bocas Rainforest Reforestation Initiative (BRRI), held an event in Dolphin Bay, where over 150 tree saplings were planted! The day was organized by the founders…

lady cooking coconut rolls over fire

Ari Ungüenrien! Let’s Cook With Mario Castrellón

Let’s Cook With Mario Castrellón! From September 21 to 23 the community of Rio Caña, located in the Kusapín district of the Ngäbe-Buglé region, will receive a visit from the renowned “ambassador of…

A lady dumping out her coconut milk rolls

Ari Ungüenrien! Vamos a Cocinar con Mario Castrellón

La comunidad de Rio Caña, ubicada en el distrito de Kusapín de la comarca Ngäbe-Buglé, recibirá del 21 al 23 de septiembre al reconocido “embajador de la gastronomía panameña”, Mario Castrellón, quien de la mano del organizador Felipe Baker,…

the volunteers of Papa Gato standing together and a picture of a small kitten being held

Papa Gato Animal Welfare

Animals have always been dear to my heart and as many know I have been helping care for our street animals in Bocas for several years now, earning me the nickname Papa Gato. I am now banded together with…

Photos of the Luis Russell mural in Bocas del Toro, Panama

El mural de Luis Russell : Un movimiento cultural para Bocas del Toro dirigido por la comunidad 

El mural de Luis Russell Mural es un hito cultural que rescata un capítulo importante en la historia de Bocas del Toro, a la vez de permitir a sus habitantes empoderarse de su herencia cultural. Agosto 2021 – Bocas…

three great pictures of Jeff Dickinson in all his glory

Jeff Dickinson: You Make Our Hearts Sing

Jeff Dickinson will forever be known in the hearts and minds of the Bocas del Toro as a charismatic, benevolent, fun-loving, wisecracking “little big man.” A treasure hunter on the famous Mel Fisher expeditions, a conveniently compact and a uniquely…


Natural Disaster Strikes Bocas del Toro and Help is Needed

Natural Disaster strikes Bocas del Toro in the form of heavy tropical storms and flooding. Over 26,000 people have been affected and the Bocas del Toro Rotary Club is organizing a relief effort.

The artist Sergio Smith, also known as Madmagos, is painting a street mural dedicated to Luis Russell

The Luis Russell Mural: A Community Led Cultural Movement for Bocas del Toro

The Luis Russell Mural is being created as a cultural landmark that seeks to rescue an important chapter in Bocas del Toro history, while empowering its inhabitants to take pride in their cultural heritage. July 2021 – Bocas del Toro,…