Wooden Caribbean Charm: An Introduction to Bocas del Toro Style Caribbean Architecture

A town’s cultural identity is preserved by the blood of its people, the languages spoken and the folklore shared. It is evident from the dishes served in local kitchens to the buildings that still flank the streets. While some…


Run Down your Rondon at Yarisnori

Rondón came to Latin America around the 19th century when Afro-Antillean immigrant workers came  from Jamaica and surrounding areas like Trinidad and Tobago to build projects such as the Panama Canal and the Costa Rican railroads….


Chocolate Covered Rock ‘n’ Roll

Easter Sunday brought a day filled with chocolate-covered fun topped off with a seriously rocking concert at the Lost Boys Blues Bar (LBBB) on Carenero Island. The Darklands Foundation brought its Bocas del Toro Cacao Producer Awareness…


La Vida Solarte

Lovers of Mother Earth and those seeking to learn more about the Bocas del Toro rain forest flora and fauna are invited to check out La Vida Solarte; where jungle hikes and bird-watching excursions are offered on…


Divers Paradise Paddling Club Represents Bocas in “Chasing the Pearl Islands”

A fun exhibition race and the first of its kind took place on March 30th in the Pearl Islands and of course Angie Whittemore…


For The Love of Water

Mathilde Grand with The Darkland’s Foundation is addressing some of the water supply challenges facing the indigenous communities of the Bocas del Toro Province – potability and sustainable access. The Foundation teamed up with the University of…


Red Frog Foundation Removes One Ton of Trash from North Beach

Bastimentos Island is home to breathtakingly beautiful beaches and North Beach is one of them. It also has a small stamp of land known as Polo Beach named…


2019-2024 Mayor Candidates & Proposals for Bocas del Toro ❖ Los Candidatos de Alcalde 2019-2024 y sus Propuestas para Bocas del Toro

With national and regional elections approaching on May 5th, 2019, the Bocas Breeze gave each mayor candidate of Bocas del Toro the opportunity to share with us their plans, if elected. Cómo ya se están acercando…