Nicholas Corea

¡Feliz Día de la Madre, Panamá!

Sizzla Kalonji once sang “Thank you Mama…


Police Meet with Children of the Mundial del Barrio Youth Outreach Program

Wednesday December 4th, the National Police in cooperation with “Mundial del Barrio” met with the children of the program to increase awareness about…


Bipolar Bocas Weather Can Be a Real Treat

Just because you wake up to a bunch of scary looking rain clouds doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be a beautiful…


Meet the Citronautas- Drove from Argentina to Bocas with a Dream

Bocas is a colorful place that attracts many interesting characters.  Often you can find all sorts of cool people traveling through Bocas with…


Police Discuss Red Frogs in Bahia Roja

A meeting was held on November 20th in the Bahia Roja community (Bastimentos Island) after the national police received a disturbing report regarding…


Fiestas Patrias: Panama Parties All November Long

November is here and in Bocas that means holidays, parties and a lots and lots of drumming. You’ve probably noticed the little ones…


BELLO Cleans Up and Beautifies the Park with Volunteers



Desechos Solidos is Offical

Bocas finally has an official group in charge of the trash collection service! It was approved by the government in a meeting on…