The Bocas Breeze

For The Love of Water

Mathilde Grand with The Darkland’s Foundation is addressing some of the water supply challenges facing the indigenous communities of the Bocas…


Red Frog Foundation Removes One Ton of Trash from North Beach

Bastimentos Island is home to breathtakingly beautiful beaches and North Beach is…


La Vida Solarte

Lovers of Mother Earth and those seeking to learn more about the Bocas del Toro rain forest flora and fauna are…


2019-2024 Mayor Candidates & Proposals for Bocas del Toro ❖ Los Candidatos de Alcalde 2019-2024 y sus Propuestas para Bocas del Toro

With national and regional elections approaching on May 5th, 2019, the Bocas Breeze gave each mayor candidate of Bocas del Toro…


Bocas Bracelets Cleaning the Streets and Waters of Bocas

Sales of Bocas Bracelets are happening! In the February issue we were excited to announce this wonderful


Big Fish with MarAlliance: Part 2

Big Fish by MarAlliance is a three-part series of the big…


Leishmaniasis & What to Look Out For

español abajo Leishmaniasis is a parasitic and infectious disease carried by sandflies who obtain the parasite from biting mammals like sloths and…


Introducing El Club Rotario de Bocas del Toro

On February 22, Buena Vista Restaurant hosted Bocas del Toro’s first Rotary Club meeting. Emily Talentino, Executive Director of Give &…