The Bocas Breeze

Education, Not Extractions ◈ Teaching Children How to Keep Their Teeth

by Jenn Parker What do you drink when you don’t have regular access to clean drinking water? …


2nd Annual Regatta Makes a Big Splash

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Most Amount Ever Raised at Annual Back-To-School Fundraiser!

(español abajo) On February 9, local NGO Give and Surf, raised $13,191 — the highest amount ever — at the 7th Annual…


Swell of the Decade – Pro Surfers Flock to Bocas del Toro 

photos courtesy of Red Frog Bungalows Bocas del Toro is becoming more and more renowned internationally for its exceptional  surf conditions in…


Doble Corona Bocas: Back to Back Surf Competitions in Playa Paunch on the APS National Circuit

(español abajo) In 2019, the Asociación Panameña de Surf (APS)…


The Permaculture Project That is Breaking Ground


Eloping on a Caribbean Pirate Ship ◈ The Tale of the Black Magic Love Spell

Taking it all in at Tropical Suites on the big day. Photo:…


Sin el Mar , No Hay Bocas ◈ Bocas Is Chosen As The New Mission Blue Hope Spot

(español abajo) Mission Blue announced its…