Bocas Elderly Home Underwater and Under Pressure: Where Will Our Friends from Casa Asilo Go?

An evening storm’s waves came crashing down onto the grounds of the elderly home, el Hogar de St. Vicente, in Bocas…


Panama’s First Cruising Regatta is Here

  A man buys a hurricane-damaged boat, revives it and makes his way to Bocas del Toro on the sailing vessel,


Changes by Allene Blaker

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Bocas Breeze. Current editor Nicholas Corea asked me if I would like to an article…


The Isla Carenero 5th grade students won themselves a classroom laptop!

  The 5th and 6th grade teachers ran a five-day science class educating students on Garbage and the…


The Community Unites For a Trash Free Bocas

On September 23rd, during Ocean Conservancy’s annual worldwide month of beach cleaning, a massive trash…


Give and Surf Karaoke For A Cause

Success!  On Saturday, October 13, Mamallena graciously hosted Give and Surf‘s Karaoke For A Cause fundraiser. 100%…


Mika’s Diary: Creando Conciencia para las Criaturas Inocentes

Article by Sara di Caro and illustrations by Agustín Rodriguez May 27  Dear…


Eddie Ibarra: Planear, Ordenar y Proyectar

Government terms in Panama are five years long and with the September primaries for the 2019 elections here, Bocas del Toro residents are…