The National Surf Circuit Returns to Bocas

Tis the season for waves in the Caribbean so all the Bocas surfers came out to Paunch Beach to do what they do best on January 4th and 5th for the Panamanian Surf Association 2012 Surf Competition. Everyone was stoked to be participating in a National Surf Circuit competition since last year Bocas missed out on the national circuit due to problems with administration and sponsorship. Fear not ripper dudes and dudettes, this year the sun was out, the surf was up and now, the results are in:

Long Board– 1. Juan Caraballo 2. Jose Gonzales
Masters– 1 Juan Caraballo 2. Bill Kruger 3. Olemdo Guiraud
Femenino– 1. Lea Oke 2. Rachel Fill 3. Gaby Bain 4. Manuela Stroched
Open– 1. Diego Salgado 2. Juan Miguel Caraballo 3. Jean Carlos Gonzales 4. Jose Gonzales


Congratulations to all the winners and all that participated. Surfing is an amazing sport and paramount to what makes Bocas del Toro so special. The APS (Asociacion Panameña de Surf) will continue the circuit at Playa Morrillo in Vergaguas. Stay tuned to the other competitions because as it stands now, two Bocatoranian surfers are in first place in the National Circuit. One is Juan Caraballo, board shaper of Tropix Surfborads for Masters and Longboarding and the other is the winner of the Junior’s league, 16 year-old Evan Trainor, first time competitor who wasn’t even planning on getting in the water until he heard the encouraging words of those closest to him:


“Well it was definitely a great experience, but also a window opener for me. The day before the contest I wasn’t even going to enter, however, my family and friends gave me the confidence to go and get some experience so I did. And it couldn’t have come out any better, I’m thinking about competing and hopefully placing on the tour!”

Well there you have it kids: follow your dreams, stay in school and when school is out- get in the water.



Nicholas Corea is the owner and editor of the Bocas Breeze. He wasn't born in Bocas, but he got there as fast as he could. Just one of the many foreigners who became enamored with the enchantment of the islands, his mission is to share the majesty of Bocas del Toro with the world. Nicholas (aka Nick / Nico) has been known to love literature and live music concerts. Nothing makes him happier than when others are interested in this entertaining and informative community newspaper. Mr. Corea would like to send his gratitude to all who read and support the Bocas Breeze; for it takes a village to publish a community newspaper!

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