Waterspout in Bocas!


Touchdown! It’s called a waterspout. The swirling tornado-like column of water, made up of water droplets formed by condensation, rather than by sucking up water from a lake or the ocean as it is commonly thought, appeared quite suddenly near Bocas Town on April 9th, around 10:30am. Waterspouts, which occur mostly in the tropics, need a lot of moisture to form, and anyone who was out and about that day can attest to the rainforest-like humidity. The waterspout, which was seen offshore near the Bocas Marina traveled South for approximately 10 minutes. Luckily, no damage was reported, as waterspouts are a serious marine hazard. Of all the pictures snapped of the waterspout that day, and there were some great ones, a special mention goes to a picture taken in Tenille Dinon’s yoga class (featured last month). As her students lay silent at the end of class, they witnessed Mother Earth’s invigorating energy.


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