2nd Annual Bastimentos Maritime Fair

5 days of music, dance, typical food and celebrations were had April 14-18 in the park in Old Bank (Bastimentos Island). The event was a production of the Honorable Representative Ashburn Stanley, the Junta Comunal and the people of Bastimentos. When I arrived Thursday, Representative Ashburn was there with a hammer in hand, putting the finishing touches on the stage.


Sahira Daney Powell Mitchell was crowned the queen of the fair.  Performances were made by the Bastimentos Beach Boys, Chalice, Los Mixtos de Bastimentos and the University Marching Band. Sunday was the most exciting day, featuring the winning numbers of the national lottery being announced live from the fair and culminating in boat races in the afternoon. Bayloch was one of the winners and it was not his first win.  Money from the fair was raised for community improvements on the island. Congratulations to the island of Bastimentos! You haven’t visited Bocas del Toro without experiencing Bastimentos.

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