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Joe Bass, of Operation Safe Drinking Water, is recovering in David after suffering a stroke last week. He would like for everyone to know that there will be no interruption with upcoming projects as the well-trained staff of OSDW will continue with operations until Joe is able to return. Joe is expected to make a full recovery and be back in the field again soon.


The day the November issue went to print I received a call that Kinky, the Kinkajoo, had passed away sometime the night before. Kinky was very special, and she touched a lot of lives. She was loved by everyone she met at the Cosmic Crab Café, especially by the Crabtree family who rescued and cared for her so long. She will be missed.


Printed monthly in both English and Spanish with a circulation of 5,000 free copies distributed at airports, hotels, restaurants and various retail locations throughout Bocas del Toro, Panama City, David, Boquete and Costa Rica. Also published on the Internet on a daily basis.

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