The Caribbean is known for a lot of things: islands, sunshine, coconuts and reggae music. Punctuality, however, has never been one of the main tenets of the Caribbean style. On time or not- it’s always a good time in the Caribe. I’d like to thank all the patient people out there, taking in the sunshine and most of all: enjoying the Breeze…


Yes, the Breeze is read over seas! Here’s a copy with Joan Bergmans in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Joan is Bocas-lover who frequents the islands. You can find her in the line up, making surf art and spreading ocean aware- ness to the local surf communities. Recently she has been helping out with the new Red Frog Beach Activity Center next to Nachyo Mommas Taco Bar (see February’s issue). Send a picture of you and your copy of the Breeze from somewhere else in the world and perhaps you’ll find yourself in the Bocas Breeze.


Printed monthly in both English and Spanish with a circulation of 5,000 free copies distributed at airports, hotels, restaurants and various retail locations throughout Bocas del Toro, Panama City, David, Boquete and Costa Rica. Also published on the Internet on a daily basis.

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