Bocas del Toro’s First Uber Driver



Big Fish with MarAlliance: Part 2

Big Fish by MarAlliance is a three-part series of the big fish population studies the Belize-based organization has conducted here in our waters; the first part having…


Leishmaniasis & What to Look Out For

español abajo Leishmaniasis is a parasitic and infectious disease carried by sandflies who obtain the parasite from biting mammals like sloths and monkeys. The flies then pass it on to humans through one fateful bite. There are a…


Bocas Surf Crew en el Circuito Nacional de Surf 2019

español abajo Children of all ages with a surfboard in hand met in Mono Loco 6 am on February 23. They were leaving to train at Paunch Beach for a few hours before the 2019 National Surfing Circuit…


March Featured Dish: El Ultimo Refugio’s Seared Tuna

Make your way down the bustling main street of Bocas Town with the storefronts and street carts, hotels and hostels, and the locals with their passing greetings in bicycles and golf carts. You are treated to the…


Introducing El Club Rotario de Bocas del Toro

On February 22, Buena Vista Restaurant hosted Bocas del Toro’s first Rotary Club meeting. Emily Talentino, Executive Director of Give & Surf, is the catalyst behind bringing the opportunity to connect this large network of leaders and…


MIDES Says Bocas del Toro’s Elderly Could Be Ready to Come Home in Five Days

With the new school year approaching on March 11, community members are wondering exactly where the residents of the Bocas’ elderly home will go? On January 2nd there was a catastrophic flood that has since displaced 30+ of Bocas…


Jou Scroop’s JOY Bocas Chess Group Hosts Adults and Children at All Levels of Chess Proficiency

With a healthy body comes a healthy mind and that is what it’s all about this month! Jou Scroop and his JOY Bocas Chess group is active and spreading the love of chess to the people of