Celebrate Thanksgiving in Paradise with Playa Tortuga

“Celebrate Thanksgiving day at Playa Tortuga Hotel & Beach Resort wit our special dinner buffet for just $21.00 per person* Playa Tortuga Hotel & Beach Resort. For reservations: (507 757-9050 or avasquezplayatortuga@unesa.com. Valid November 28, 2013. www.HotelPlayaTortuga.com


Meet the Citronautas- Drove from Argentina to Bocas with a Dream

Bocas is a colorful place that attracts many interesting characters.  Often you can find all sorts of cool people traveling through Bocas with a unique purpose. Facundo and Micaela are absolutely examples of these.


Police Discuss Red Frogs in Bahia Roja

A meeting was held on November 20th in the Bahia Roja community (Bastimentos Island) after the national police received a disturbing report regarding the mistreatment of a Red Frog. A group of tourists claimed that they were approached by…


Telecommunication and Electricity brought to Valle Escudo

Upon returning back to the states early this year, founding Floating Doctors crew member Noah Haas began working on a partnering project that would bring cellular networking and…


The Rebirth of Red Frog Beach

Ten years ago the Red Frog Beach Island Resort project started. At that time the cattle grazing on the island caused deforestation on a large hillside section of the island. It was on this deforested section of land that…


Fiestas Patrias: Panama Parties All November Long

November is here and in Bocas that means holidays, parties and a lots and lots of drumming. You’ve probably noticed the little ones practicing their drumming these past few weeks and you might be asking yourself “What is it…


BELLO Cleans Up and Beautifies the Park with Volunteers

   Some were saying “That’s not my job!” or “Don’t taxes pay for things like that?” while…


Everything and the Kitchen Sink

It’s true: together we make the difference!! Back in May, Virginia Vasquez, Director of Home Economics at the Josue Rogelio Ibarra High School in Bocas, requested funds from BESO for the renovation of the school’s Cooking Center. BESO awarded…