Jou Scroop’s JOY Bocas Chess Group Hosts Adults and Children at All Levels of Chess Proficiency

With a healthy body comes a healthy mind and that is what it’s all about this month! Jou Scroop and his JOY Bocas Chess group is active and spreading the love of chess to the people of


Bocas Bracelets : For Cleaner Bocas Streets and Waters

Ryan Markley loves his new home of Bocas del Toro and wants to play a role in helping to keep the islands’ natural clean and beautiful. He is a conceptualist with a notebook next to his bed…


Los Diablos De La Isla

Negro profundo, rojo fuego y rojo con negro, cascabeles que resuenan al ritmo del baile, barbas largas y diente afilados, máscaras que asustan pero que a la vez asombran por la fineza de sus detalles y acabados….


Atlético Isla Colón Football Club Powering its Way Through the Copa Cable Onda Tournament Despite Home Field Disadvantages

Anyone who has lived on an island will recognize that life surrounded on all four sides by the ocean presents certain challenges that just don’t exist on the mainland. The act of facing challenges and following up with…


Pequeños Regalos por Angelica Tamayo Talero

El rumor y el eco del cambio en el cuidado del medio ambiente, está empezando a sentirse de a poco en Bocas del Toro, Panamá, dejándose permear con algunas acciones. Quiero compartir cómo ha llegado este eco…


Escapes Magazine Chats with Jarisa Garcia: Marketing, Events & Sales Director in Latin America for Red Frog Beach

Chatting With Jarisa Garcia   What led you to work in Bocas del Toro? Five years ago, I was in a stage in my life where I was tired of the boredom, stress, and traffic of the city. I needed…


Healthy Banana Bread with Esther Brix

HEALTHY BANANA BREAD #NOSUGAR We love when people in our island community  share the ways they are learning to prepare meals  with the abundance of healthy and delicious ingredients being grown right outside our doors. There are many…


Bocas Elderly Home Underwater and Under Pressure: Where Will Our Friends from Casa Asilo Go?

An evening storm’s waves came crashing down onto the grounds of the elderly home, el Hogar de St. Vicente, in Bocas del Toro on January 2, flooding the whole property and building up to the street entrance….