Happy Mother’s Day Panama!

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Sizzla Kalonji once sang “Thank you Mama for the nine months you carried me through…” and that is the idea every 8th of December in Panama. “Why December 8th?” you ask.

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December 8th is recognized by the Catholic Church as day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. While most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day in May, Panama is unique in this respect by celebrating it on this day.

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Costa Rica pays tribute to their Mamas on August 15th, which is recognized by the Catholic Church as the “Day of Assumption” where it is taught that the Virgin Mary left her earthly body and arose into heaven.

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Wherever you’re from and whatever your beliefs may be; we all came from our mothers. So if you’re in Panama on Mother’s Day or you know a Panamanian mother, take a moment of your day to show some love and respect for all the wonderful mamis out there on their day.

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