Bocas Breeze Photo Challenge

The photo with the most votes by our readers in August was the Sloth, so in the spirit of giving the Bocas Breeze readers the vote: the Sloth wins. Congratulations to Renee Proctor!


As readers have said, it epitomizes Bocas wildlife. Its in focus, we see the whole creature, and in its natural habitat. The Iguana and the Caiman were also great shots, in focus, showing their wonderful colors, surrounded by Bocas flora and fauna.



The frog was also great shot, in focus, showing its wonderful colors, however I would have like to have seen it on some flora and fauna, the dolphin, although a great action shot and following the rule of thirds, was slightly out of focus, as was the howler monkey. The butterfly was a lovely well composed picture, but I think our readers went for the iconic sloth.





I discounted the birds, sorry if i was not clear in my instructions HOWEVER, the next challenge is Bocas Birds, so please send us your bird photos, I am always trying to improve my photography, one of the ways I do this is by going on YouTube and learning from the best, then giving it a go.  I am changing the rules a little, now we are getting into the swing of this. Can I ask that photographers please remain anonymous (on the Facebook BB challenge, so its not a popularity vote) until we have decided. We will count up the likes and loves, and that will be the winner THEN, by all means GIVE THE PHOTOGRAPHER YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAISE AND DISCUSS.



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