Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro’s First Uber Driver


MIDES Says Bocas del Toro’s Elderly Could Be Ready to Come Home in Five Days

With the new school year approaching on March 11, community members are wondering exactly where the residents of the Bocas’ elderly home will…


Bocas Elderly Home Underwater and Under Pressure: Where Will Our Friends from Casa Asilo Go?

An evening storm’s waves came crashing down onto the grounds of the elderly home, el Hogar de St. Vicente, in Bocas…


¡Nacieron 136 Tortugas Carey! Hawksbill Turtles Hatching in the Caribbean Sand

“Alfred, quien se había encargado de cuidar el nido, movió la arena un poquito porque quería ver si las tortugas estaban listas para…


Panama Coral Restoration: A Salvation for the Reefs in Bocas del Toro

Restauración de Corales: Una Salvación para Los Arrecifes Bocatoreños por Joaquín Parada El Caribbean Coral Restoration Center es un proyecto que…


Featured Dish: Pasta at Chez Ugo

Walk up the steps to Chez Ugo’s open and breezy yet cozy indoor/outdoor restaurant and you will be seated with a…


Skyway Opens up International Flight Route to Bocas del Toro

The Replacements once sang “You take the Skyway, high above the busy little one-way,” and very soon, you can the Skyway yourself. We…


High School Marching Band Represents Bocas del Toro on International Tour to Mexico

Panama is known all over the world for their rich contributions to the musical arts- from artists like Rubén Blades and El General,…