Bocas del Toro

National Government Responds to Strike with Promises to Improve Bocas del Toro Infrastructure

The strike is over! Central government representatives from Panama City announced the dismissal of the head of the AMP (Panamanian Maritime Authority) and…


“¡Sin Carrizo, Por Favor! by Drew Jaffe

(traducción español abajo) -Article by Drew Jaffe of the School for Field…


Classifieds November *UPDATED*


“Legends of Ska” Film Screening at the Bookstore Bar

Everywhere you go on the Caribbean side of Panama, you will still find strong cultural ties to Jamaica- especially in its music and…


School Band Goes on National Tour

Eight years ago there was no after-school music program in the Colegio…


Day of the Dead in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Pictured is a lady who we spoke with on…


Mission Accomplished: 100 New Trash Cans for Bocas del Toro



Selina Gives Back: Volunteers and Local Authorities Team Up for a Massive Trash Collection

(En español abajo) Last month the Selina Hostel team participated…