Fiestas Patrias: Panama Parties All November Long

November is here and in Bocas that means holidays, parties and a lots and lots of drumming. You’ve probably noticed the little ones…


BELLO Cleans Up and Beautifies the Park with Volunteers



Desechos Solidos is Offical

Bocas finally has an official group in charge of the trash collection service! It was approved by the government in a meeting on…


Peculiar Marine Life Mortality in the Caribbean

In the last 2 months there has been an unusual amount of sea life washing up dead on the South Caribbean shores of…


Bocas Celebrates “La separación de Panamá de Colombia”

November in Panama is known as “Mes de la Patria”, as many of the country’s patriotic holidays occur during this month. Walking the…


“How Good It Feels To Be Loved” says Parque Simon Bolivar

The fresh paint has dried, the dust has settled, the cones and caution tape have been removed and the people in…