Casie Dean

Starfish at Starfish Beach!

They’re Back! Starfish at Starfish Beach! By Casie Dean If you’ve been to Starfish Beach in the last year or so, you, like so many…


Vigorous Volunteers at Asilo

Vigorous Volunteers at Asilo “This community is a chorus of compassion for the people who don’t have a voice of their own, and I…


Note from the Editor – March 2013

In a recent interview I was asked many questions about the world of Bocas del Toro. This was odd for me considering I’m…


Note from the Editor – January 2012

We never know what the New Year holds for each of us. There will be excitement and joy, sorrow and strife­­. New Year’s…


Note from the Editor – December 2012

As the holiday season approaches each year I always begin reminiscing about childhood Christmases spent with my family. The smell of fresh cut…


Note from the Editor – November 2012

Last week after an intense three days of fighting the stomach flu, I decided to treat myself to the first bits of whole…


Note from the Editor – October 2012

We often judge ourselves, others, and the world around us by the frequency of infractions accumulated. So many days we wake up, we…


Note from the Editor – September 2012

Well, I have to say, the first month was certainly challenging. However, my second month of publishing has not been any less complicated….