Breeze Card Digital Registration

Breeze Card 2022

Welcome to your Breeze Card membership!

To register digitally:

1. Write your name on the back of the card with a felt tip pen. Sharpies work perfectly.

2. Take a photo of the back of the card with your name on it.

3. Send the photo to with your name in the subject.

4. Now you’re officially registered and ready to enjoy the coolest deals in Bocas with the Breeze Card…!!!


¡Bienvenido a su membresía Breeze Card!

Para registrarse digitalmente:

1. Escriba su nombre en el reverso de la tarjeta con un marcador.

2. Tome una foto del reverso de la tarjeta y su nombre.

3. Envíeselo a con su nombre en el asunto.

4. Ya está registrado oficialmente y listo para disfrutar de las mejores ofertas en Bocas con el club de membresía Breeze Card…!!!

Physical or Digital Breeze Card?

The best way to redeem your Breeze Card benefits will always be to simply display your wooden 2022 membership card to our advertising partners. What did American Express used to say? “Don’t leave home without it!”

Though if you do happen to leave home without it, you can also redeem your Breeze Card benefits by showing a photo of the backside of your Breeze Card, with your name clearly printed. This is our current low-tech solution that will allow you to enjoy Breeze Card benefits in the event you do not have your card present. Printing your name will help our advertising partners verify that it is actually your personal card and not an attempt to fraud The Bocas Breeze and the wonderful Bocas del Toro businesses that are participating in this program.

Recommendations for easily finding the photo of your Breeze Card on your phone:

  • Save to the “favorites” section on your camera roll
  • Search your email for “Breeze Card” to find the registration email where you sent the picture
  • Send the photos to @thebocasbreeze on Instagram or Facebook so that when you look up the chat history, the photos are accessible in recent messages
  • Send it to editor Nicholas Corea on WhatsApp +507 6537-0405 (and let him know how much you are enjoying the membership while you’re at it…)
  • If you are super proud of your Breeze Card, save it as the lock screen on your mobile phone and show everyone all the time!

As mentioned, this is the current low-tech solution. Soon we will roll out a slightly fancier digital registration process.

Thank you for your membership and stay tuned to our social media accounts and our website for all the latest and greatest Breeze Card benefits that are exclusively for YOU and other supporters of Bocas del Toro’s community newspaper.