Bocas del Toro Airport Expansion Budget Approved

Residents and travelers alike should be delighted to hear the recent news that a Cinnabon franchise will replace the airport gift shop inside of Bocas del Toro International airport on Isla Colon.

Cinnabon is one of the biggest global airport franchises worldwide, and its arrival in Bocas del Toro is a glimmer of hope towards the modernization and globalization of this small island community.

An artist rendering of the airport expansion, with its new major feature. Calypso Joe (pictured) has been contracted to create a special jingle for the Bocas del Toro Cinnabon airport location launch.

Hector Pineda, operations manager of the airport, was enthusiastic and delighted to confirm that the purchasing rights of the franchise, and some of the construction costs, were coincidentally the exact same amount of funds allotted by the national government for airport renovations for the next five years, after a three year struggle trying to close the deal.

“It’s amazing,” he says, “It’s the exact same amount we were granted, and the Cinnabon is going to make the employees and the travelers so happy every day.”

Kaylin, aged 7, when asked about her thoughts on Cinnabon stated that “I love sugar, and the internet.”

The previous area of the airport was allotted to a gift shop selling souvenirs, candy and soaps, however the gift shop’s opening hours of 2:30 to 3:15 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays did not generate enough revenue to cover its operating costs.

“The gift shop was great, but the Cinnabon and its flavors are much more universal, and a better final impression for vacationers to remember Bocas del Toro upon departure.”

The Bocas del Toro airport has been the subject of lots of controversy in terms of its facilities and amenities, and rumors of an extended runway to bring in larger airplanes have been going around for quite some time.

“I don’t really think anyone needs to worry about those rumors” Pineda states, “The airport will be fine with the current runway, the Cinnabon, our current fleet of two Fokker F-50 airplanes of course the same amazing service from the current dedicated airlines.”

Hector Pineda has been a long time advocate for the multinational cinnamon roll franchise.


Julio Perez, pilot and one of the captains on the PAC-BOC air route, added that the Cinnabon’s high sugar content and sticky texture could help his in-flight focus and grip of the aircraft’s controls during the twice-per-day turnaround at Bocas airport. Pineda even suggested, “We could bring one out to the pilots to deliver through their front windows.”

When the finer details of the contract were discussed with Pineda, he was proud to include that the Cinnabon franchise contract includes an extremely modern WiFi hotspot, which will benefit the airport visitors as well.

“We can even pick our own password for the network” he stated. “We’ve been trying to think of a really good one, one that could potentially make people laugh.”

Kaylin, 7, is the young lady previously mentioned earlier who enjoys sugar and iPads.


Pineda ensures that the Cinnabon expansion project is exactly what the airport needs at this time, and gives his highest assurance that all of the budget has been safely accounted for and nothing will go to waste on any other projects.

Local airline employees were slightly aloof upon hearing about the Cinnabon replacing the gift shop, but did offer to call someone else at Albrook airport in Panama City in case we needed to ask them about it.

To sweeten the deal, the completion date for the Cinnabon project is set for August of 2027, and several environmental impact studies will take place over the next five years to ensure a safe and sustainable Cinnabon for Bocas.

It’s great news for the community, and all future visitors to Bocas del Toro’s International Airport!

Another state-of-the-art rendering of the new facilities. No expense was spared in the graphic design of these initial mock-ups of the airport expansion.

This article was written by Richard Mentira, via The Papaya Real News.

This publication was an exercise in comedy as part of the April Fools’ Day tradition. It is only a joke. All characters and events in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental; except for Calypso Joe Brown, who is very real. The true name of the airport on Isla Colon is Bocas del Toro Isla Colón José E. Hall International Airport and the real plans for the airport expansion will be published in a future Bocas Breeze article. Stay tuned!

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  1. Steve Jacoby Reply

    I didn’t have time to read the entire article, but I am so excited for the Bocas community to have a Cinnabon franchise! Their buns are the stickiest I have ever had. And the flavor of cinnamon and sugar is so good I lick my fingers for days after eating one. I think this will make the aeropuerto a top destination for visitors to Bocas no matter what ther mode of arrival. I can’t wait to stuff one of those hot buns into my mouth! This is the best news to come to Bocas on April first that I have ever heard. Thanks to the Bocas Breeze for once again covering the hard breaking news in this community!

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