Celebrating 3 years of Bocas Sushi!

Bocas Sushi is a family business that all began with sushi dinner cravings during pandemic times, when no one could go out anywhere!

It was April 2020. Craving their favorite food that they liked to eat out, Mayron and Belén decided to make their own sushi night at home. “Immediately after dinner we thought it would be a good idea to offer the community something different while we were all in lockdown,” Belén recalls.

And that’s exactly what they did. Mayron and Belén promoted it without any idea if it was going to work or not. Though after the first two days of sales, it was clear that it was an immediate hit!

Sushi with delivery to your home was the proposal; and the community of Bocas del Toro gladly accepted.

“So we had to keep going. With our other business closed, two children and another baby on the way, there was no other option. We started doing it twice a week, then we added days… the months passed and we were open every day; sometimes from noon to midnight. We just couldn’t miss any order.”

After speaking with some of their loyal customers, one thing that has characterized Bocas Sushi from the beginning is their dedication to the quality and freshness of their products, as well as the personalized customer service.

Nowadays Bocas Sushi has a food truck located in Bocas Town, on Avenida G and Calle 7a, which is where the deliveries leave from, and it’s where you can also come and enjoy your sushi. They also provide private chef services and catering. Ask about their locally famous “Sushi Bote,” a mini cayuco (canoe) filled with a variety of sushi rolls!

Congratulations to Mayron, Belén and the whole Bocas Sushi team. Keep up the great work; Bocas del Toro absolutely loves this family business!

PS (fun fact): Did you know that the Bocas Sushi logo was inspired by their daughter Isabela? She was born shortly after the business started. For a while they operated without a logo, but when it was time to craft a logo, they took inspiration from their young daughter’s look and included her into the imagery. Do you see the resemblance?

Belén, Mayron and Isabela

Photos courtesy of Facu Niizawa

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