Bocas to Tocumen Direct? Yes! FlyTrip is the Way

Bocas to Tocumen Direct? Yes! FlyTrip is the Way

“One more day in Bocas!”

On your way home after another amazing visit to Bocas del Toro, when you are about to connect to the US, Europe or wherever you call home, most people would rather not have to spend a night in Panama City. They just want to get home in one day. And if they had the choice, they would choose more time in Bocas over a layover. Afterall, there are so many things to do with that extra “island time…”

That’s where FlyTrip comes in with their new three weekly flights between Panama City and Isla Colon, and the long awaited direct flight from Isla Colon to Tocumen International!

For months now our readers have been absolutely raving about the services of the travel agency Trip Aéreo and the charter company FlyTrip. Here is what they love about it:

– Pets fly free and without a kennel
– Complimentary drinks on board
– Private hangar in Albrook with VIP style passenger lounge (drinks there too!)
– 30 lbs of luggage AND one surfboard bag with two surfboards included in the ticket price (confirm space for surf boards first)

That’s right. No taxi, no shuttle, no uber, no nothing: just islands and planes to your final destination. This is how Flytrip is changing the transportation game in Bocas del Toro.

“After speaking with our clients and getting to know the Bocas community more, we quickly identified a strong need for a direct flight from Isla Colon to Tocumen,” said FlyTrip owner-operator Jaime Fernandez during a recent interview with The Bocas Breeze.

Jaime Fernandez Flytrip Trip Aereo Bocas del Toro Tocumen

Jaime Fernandez, pictured right center with the microphone, addresses the community of Bocas del Toro during a national press conference held at Merén Pool Club and Restaurant, March 16, 2023.

So how exactly does it work? Here is an example of a typical flight schedule:

The FlyTrip fleet of planes start the day in Panama City in a private hangar in the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (Albrook). From Albrook there is an 11am departure directly to Isla Colon. At 12:30pm Flytrip returns to Panama City with passengers from Bocas. These passengers have two arrival options: Tocumen or Albrook.

When there are travelers that need to reach their international connection in Tocumen, the plane will stop in Tocumen first. These passengers deplane in Terminal 1 and once they are off, Flytrip takes off again, continuing with any passengers destined for Albrook.

The Tocumen passengers are welcomed by a shuttle bus waiting for them. They are guided through customs and security procedures and then each passenger is transported to the ticketing counters of their international airline connection.

In the event that there are zero passengers that need to go to Tocumen, it becomes a direct flight from Isla Colon to Albrook.

The itinerary for that day:

11am Albrook to Bocas
12:30pm Bocas to Tocumen
1:40pm arrival in Tocumen
2pm (more or less) arrival in Albrook (or earlier if there are no Tocumen passengers)

If your international connection is 4pm or later, you can easily count on this service. The scenario described will be the itinerary for most Tuesdays and Thursdays, however there are variations in the schedule in the coming months, so it is best to confirm on Trip’s website. Sunday flights are earlier; 10:30am Bocas to Panama City flight, arriving 11:40am in Tocumen, for which you can safely book a 2pm international connection.

What does this mean for the Bocas del Toro visitor? One more day on the island! This flight in many cases will eliminate the need to have a layover in Panama City and no longer a need to organize car transport between airports. This way you can skip out on Panama City traffic altogether and just relax in Tocumen until your flight home.

Flytrip Panama

Now these are the kind of big smiles you see after you got to spend an extra day in Bocas, skipping out on Panama City traffic and avoiding layovers!

Starting March 28, 2023 there will be three weekly flights from Flytrip; usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, but with some dates varying, which is always kept up to date on their website.

Tickets are $167 + tax one way and $289 + tax round trip. It is important to note that these are the prices for flights between Isla Colon and Albrook. The Tocumen drop off that we described is an additional charge of $45 per person.

Be sure to check out Trip’s brand new website. This is where you can find updated schedules, real time availability, prices and make your booking!

Stay tuned on Instagram to @trip.aereo for special sale prices on flights to Bocas. Check out our interview with FlyTrip and Trip Aereo owner-operator Jaime Fernandez on our Instagram page.

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Flytrip Panama

FlyTrip Bocas del Toro Panama

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