nonprofits in bocas del toro

Nonprofits in Bocas del Toro to Support

Nonprofits and Other Great Causes to Support in Bocas del Toro Nonprofits in Bocas del Toro are doing amazing work to better the social,…

a panga boat and a pirate ship

Bocas del Toro Boat Captains Protest New Tourism Attractions

Bocas del Toro Boat Captains Protest New Tourism Attractions Nowadays visitors of Bocas del Toro are able to explore the archipelago on a…

National Taxi Strike. photo in Panama City of the October 28, 2021 protest with dozens of taxis all stopped in roadways in Panama CIty

National Transportation Strike Announced for November 8

UPDATE as of 3:45pm on Sunday, November 7, 2021: The national transportation strike has…


Natural Disaster Strikes Bocas del Toro and Help is Needed

Natural Disaster strikes Bocas del Toro in the form of heavy tropical storms and flooding. Over 26,000 people have been affected and the…

Left is a photo of young Time Sullivan on horse and on the right is older Tim Sullivan enjoying a beer.

In Loving Memory of Timothy Sullivan


On the left is Clint Bleeler with a hat on. In the middle Clint is dressed u. On the right side is a picture of Clint in a hammock with his dogs.

A Tribute to Clint Beeler

The Bocas del Toro community lost a fun-loving friend on April 8, 2021, when Clint Beeler left us in the physical world….

Joe Riccardi in Bocas del Toro

Remembering Joe Riccardi

Remembering Joe Riccardi On January 29, 2021, the world lost a friend, father, husband and an all around fun-loving, caring and giving man; Joseph…


Un llamado para la histórica peatonal del centro urbano Bocas Town

Un automóvil no es sinónimo de progreso. El transporte en bicicletas es más que una actividad de ocio. Hay beneficios turísticos, comerciales,…