Dish of the Month

March Featured Dish: El Ultimo Refugio’s Seared Tuna

Make your way down the bustling main street of Bocas Town with the storefronts and street carts, hotels and hostels, and…


Featured Dish: Pasta at Chez Ugo

Walk up the steps to Chez Ugo’s open and breezy yet cozy indoor/outdoor restaurant and you will be seated with a…


Buena Vista Restaurant: Good View, Great Ribs

The view at Buena Vista is beyond good. And the food? Deliciously prepared with local ingredients by local people. This is why the…


Coming Soon: It’s Chili Time in Bocas!

The Ninth Annual Bocas Chili Challenge will be held at The Bocas…


Leaf Eaters Café

  In a town like Bocas it’s hard to keep a secret, but there’s one…


The Coconut Craze

The coconut craze is here!  Well, it’s always been here (Bocas…


Dish of the Month: El Pecado

So I’m sitting in El Pecado and I’m wondering: exactly what is the dish of the month this time around? Will it be…


Some Like it HOT

By Julia Stein My tongue tingles, sweat is running down my forehead and my eyes water a little bit….