A photo of Robert "Skinny Bob" Chiarello

Celebrate Robert “Skinny Bob” Chiarello

“Time is a concept… some people are old at 40, some are young at 90” The oldest civilizations on earth survive their tradition with…

Milford Peynado

Milford Peynado: Campeón de la cultura de Bocas del Toro

El 16 de abril de 2021, Bocas del Toro se despidió de uno de sus legendarios hijos, Milford Franklin Peynado Goldburn, conocido cariñosamente…

three great pictures of Jeff Dickinson in all his glory

Jeff Dickinson: You Make Our Hearts Sing

Jeff Dickinson will forever be known in the hearts and minds of the Bocas del Toro as a charismatic, benevolent, fun-loving, wisecracking “little…

Andy Crawford on a surfn board in the Caribbean Sea giving the shaka sign with his right hand and smiling

Captain Andy Crawford: In Loving Memory

Andrew Crawford, also known as Captain Andy, will live on forever of all of the many lives he…


The House Where Larry Lived

Written by Malcolm Henderson, shared via Facebook Larry Shane, who died on Saturday night in his house in Bocas, was for many years an…


Hangin’ with Sir Duke

Stories from Friends of Casa Asilo By Nicholas Corea “Stories from Friends of Casa Asilo” is a new series where the Bocas Breeze will interview…


Inspired Artists in (Sweet Love) Bocas

Inspired Artists in (Sweet Love) Bocas by Nicholas Corea Inspiration is everywhere on the islands of Bocas del Toro and  artists Fulo Coqueño and…


First Large Boat to be Built in Bocas in Over 150 Years

  There was a time when Bocas was a bustling seaport. It started in…