Beaches Are Open and Less Curfew Hours for Bocas del Toro (11pm-5am)


During the October 20th national press conference, Health Minister Sucre delivered the news that Bocas del Toro has been anticipating:

– BEACHES ARE OPEN ON OCTOBER 24th (this Saturday)

– NO MORE SUNDAY QUARANTINE (starting this Sunday, October 25)

– CURFEWS WILL BE 11pm – 5am (Starting Monday October 26)

Starting this Saturday October 24th, beaches are officially open to the public in small group outings from 6am to 4pm. According to Sucre, groups must be limited to 7 people maximum (“burbujas familiares” or family bubbles). Each of these 7 person maximum family bubbles should maintain a distance of 4m apart and be using their mask whenever interacting “outside of the family bubble.” Ambulant salespeople of food and drink will not be allowed on the beaches, and nor will alcohol (not for sale or for bringing to the beach).

Restrictions indeed apply, but it is a step forward to opening up the country and the islands of Bocas del Toro for a little fun and plenty of sun. The Ministry of Health reminds residents and visitors to “not let the guard down” and follow all the necessary protocols for maintaining the bio-security of the population amid these pandemic times.

Don’t let your guard down, but also don’t forget that vitamin D (sunshine) boosts your immune system! So who else is going to one of many incredible Bocas del Toro beaches this Saturday?!?


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