The Casbah

By Casie Dean


There are over 50 restaurants on the island of Colon in Bocas del Toro, so how do you choose where to dine? It’s simple. Ask anyone about The Casbah.

Christopher Jones and Natalie Panayoty came to Bocas in 2001 to manage a bed and breakfast in Saigon Bay. After that, Chris opened the first deli with Loreli Kusin, now owner of the ever-popular Super Gourmet. But not long after, he and Natalie decided to branch out and start their own restaurant, The Casbah. Chris, born in Belgium, was brought up in the restaurant industry.

He created every menu item himself. Normally, I make it a point not to order chicken when dining out, but the Greek Chicken at The Casbah tops my list when it comes to all-time favorites dishes. The chicken breast is stuffed with prunes and feta cheese; it is incredible to say the least. The Casbah is not only known for their delectable chicken, but also for their attention to detail and consistency. Chris says this is because he does the prep work every morning.

Originally, he cooked the dishes as well until he hired Yanelly Prescot, now his chef supreme. After learning from Chris, Yanelly began preparing the masterpieces herself. The filet at The Casbah is the most consistently perfect steak in town. Whether topped with blue cheese or mushroom sauce, it is
cooked to perfection every single time. For the vegetarians out there, there are two delicious salad options and gazpacho as well. Try The Casbah tonight! It’s the best choice for all taste buds.

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