Filthy Friday and the Isla Solarte School: Making a Real Impact

We all know Filthy Friday for crushing it on the entertainment scene, creating viral Bocas content and invigorating the local economy by attracting visitors to Bocas del Toro with their world-famous island party crawl; but did you know about their special relationship with the elementary school on Solarte Island?

In 2019, Filthy Friday adopted the Solarte School. They committed to providing daily healthy breakfasts for students before classes. The company has also been helping with school implements and other infrastructural needs. They sponsor backpacks and school supplies every March for the new school year, making personal visits to deliver them to the kids.

Filthy Friday Bocas del Toro - children of the Solarte Island School wait for the arrivial of the Filthy Friday team

Filthy Friday Bocas del Toro Panama


The impact of making sure every student starts their day with fresh fruit and local coconut bread cannot go understated. It goes along way for a child’s ability to focus and overall scholastic performance. This is making a real difference.

In November of 2022, Filthy Friday began to include an option for every guest to donate to the school while purchasing their tickets on-line. The contribution is automatically set to $1, but during check-out the guest has the option to change it to $2, $5 (or more). The guest can also set it to $0…but honestly, who would do that?

Today with the holiday season upon us and with everyone in the giving spirit, we would like to just take a moment and commend a company for choosing to invest part their success in a very meaningful way.  Kudos to the Filthy Family for your social responsibility. If every company could act in this way, the world would be a better place indeed. 

Merry Christmas to all those good people, doing their best to help other good people around the world!

And know that when you experience Central America’s First and Only Island Party Crawl, you are also helping to contribute to education in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Check it out for yourself on Filthy Friday’s website!

Filthy Friday Bocas del Toro Solarte School

Filthy Friday Bocas del Toro Panama - Solarte School children march with Filthy Friday banner

Filthy Friday Bocas Solarte School donation

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