Human Chain in Playa Paunch to Protest Plans for 40 Meter Pier

Protestors say “¡Ese muelle no va!”

When pictures of a large construction project in Paunch Beach began to circulate on June 6th, Bocas citizens and lovers of Bocas worldwide were outraged and immediately organized a “human chain” protest at the construction site. Plans were to build a 40 meter (130 ft) pier more or less in the middle of Bocas’ world famous surf break known as Paunch. Protesters cited concerns in regards to the environmental hazard towards the live reef in the area, safety of surfers washed out by the current in that direction and the negative effect on the sport of surfing in Bocas and its impact the surf-tourism economy.

At the time of the publication, the construction has been put on halt so that the authorities can further investigate the legality and environmental impact of these construction plans. The silver lining of this controversy is that many members of the community have realized how much can be achieved if they organize and voice their opinion together.

Do you agree with them and want to voice your opinion as well? Keep checking for updates and sign the petition at this link or simply go to and search “save Paunch beach”.


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