NEW! The Bocas Cocktail Card

Bocas del Toro has a lot to offer and therefore it tends to attract a variety of people: families, surfers, scuba-divers and even the occasional lush. Even if you’re not much of a drinker; it’s hard not to be surrounded by the beauty of the islands, such fun interesting people and international cuisine without having the urge to indulge in a well prepared “adult beverage.” Now you can gallivant around town to some of the coolest spots with the best food and cocktails and get a discount at each location.  The Cocktail Card is here. That’s right, folks: the Cocktail Card is here! The Cocktail Card!  What is the “Cocktail Card?” I thought you’d never ask…


The Bocas Cocktail Card is a great way to experience the island!  It offers discounts at eleven bars & restaurants  that were specifically selected to showcase the best that  Bocas has to offer in terms of delicious food, relaxing beach settings, fun atmosphere and of course – a few cocktails. For only $10, you receive deals at each of the 11 establishments as well as 10% off tours from Jager Knights Catamaran, Flying Pirates Jungle ATVs and Hello Travel Panama Tours & Shuttles. Your card also includes  a map of Bocas Town with each of the 11 locations listed and a suggested route: starting  at Paki Point and cruising  your way back into town to Skully’s, the Bocas  Brewery, Hostel Mamallena, Selina Hostel, Toro Loco Sports Bar, Raw Fusion, Munchies Burger Bar, Buena Vista, Om Cafe and ending at El Ultimo Refugio – receiving up to $3 off at each stop! Cocktail Cards can be purchased at Raw Fusion, which is located on main street beside the ATV rentals. Bottoms up, Bocas! Sip Sip Hooray!


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