Road Party at The Beach Bar Bar-b-que!

the beach bar

The road to Playa Bluff continues to be in a state of disrepair. So, the The Beach Bar is donating all of 100% of sales made Saturday, August 30, to repair the road. That’s right – EVERY PENNY that you eat and drink goes towards making sure you always have a passable road to visit Playa Bluff and enjoy all the beautiful jungles, beaches, and surf breaks outside of town. If you’ve never been to their BBQ, now is the time to try it! And if you HAVE been, then you know what a great time it is, so please show your support and have a fantastic day at the beach. Also, if any business owners or crafty people would like to donate ANYTHING towards our raffle, 100% of raffle ticket sales will go directly into the road fund as well.

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