The Solar Biz: EmPOWERing People Since 1969

One of the first solar company’s in the USA, is not a mega-Corporation, with thousands of employees. Rather, the Solar Biz is truly a modern day American dream that has branched, organic business and offices abroad.

The 47 year-young company is still a hands on operation with 2 national office/distribution centers in the US and a Central American hub & distribution center in Bocas del Toro, Panama

This eco-centric company has been em-powering people since 1969, by assisting in thousands of custom designed solar systems. The team’s knowledge and experience in the solar market spans two generations, and they are one of the oldest, and biggest renewable energy distributors around, which allows them to offer better service and present the best possible solutions, suitable products and systems, available.

tom-and-barbara-duffy-solar-biz-dec16The Solar Biz treats all business and customers alike and provides ethical and experienced service to orders from 26,000 panel solar farms worldwide, to single unit indigenous, village huts, on the outer islands of Bocas del Toro. In fact Tom & Barb have a regular, local business with many of the Indigenous Indians of Caribbean Panama, who come directly to their Bocas warehouse dock to purchase 1 or 2 solar panels and batteries to take back to their villages by traditional cayuco. Many of these indigenous villages are living off-grid and have become some of the original eco-villages in the area. Tom, chief product guru, loves to share his wealth of knowledge with the local people, who are thirsty to learn about the modern ways to living a greener life.

The company’s lifelong passion and commitment to renewable energy and green living is evidence all around The Solar Biz self-sustaining New Mexico headquarters. They put their products to the test every day. Their staff’s knowledge comes from the best possible source: extensive personal experience with everything they sell. They know their products beyond the data sheets. They know what works best, and where it will work for you, and your particular needs.

“It is not a matter of how much money you spend, rather understanding location, optimum solar output, product-design set up and connections, that fit your exact needs, which maximize and give longevity to your power system” – Tom Duffy

So if you are thinking about going green, and getting off the grid, send an email to the team at The Solar Biz, or feel free to drop them a line, as they are still a company where you can get an experienced design engineer who will take the time to get to know you and your needs.

Check out their user friendly website, and renewable energy products at:

For wholesale dealers and customer’s inquire at:
Call us toll free at: 1.888.826.0939  Panama office: 507.836.5588
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