Spay Panama Visits Bocas


On a Tuesday afternoon in May, Spay Panama sent 3 veterinarians, 2 technicians and a lot of equipment to Bocas del Toro via Air Panama. This was possible due to many donations, fundraisers and volunteers. There were 4 clinics from May 10th to May 13th: Bocas Town, Boca Del Drago, Bastimentos Island and Carenero Island.

In those four days, the many volunteers and 3 Doctors were able to sterilize 150 dogs and 151 cats. Spay Panama’s statistics say that some 35,000 animals were prevented from being born in the next two years.
This was a fantastic job. However, it can’t stop here. It must continue until the animal population is healthy and balanced. Spay Panama wants to do another “blitz” in November of this year. This will take more money and more volunteers. Businesses can create fundraising events and anyone can donate to If you scroll down to the Bocas del Toro button your donation will be held for the next clinic in Bocas. It’s these
kinds of efforts that make Bocas a happier, healthier, cleaner and more beautiful paradise for years to come.


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