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The Red Cross is a universal symbol of humanitarianism, emergency care, community philanthropic involvement, and worldwide relief. This organization develops many ways to fill the voids of those in need. There are countless activity driven fundraisers to help collect the money or supplies needed to make life better for so many individuals, families, and communities who need their support. For training purposes the Panamanian Red Cross offers: courses for basic, intermediate, and advanced first aid, first-aid kits, lifeguard courses, evacuation plans, emergency brigades, and disease awareness.

The Panamanian Red Cross was created on March 1, 1917, thanks to the work of Matilde Obarrio De Mallet, government officials, private entities, and philanthropists in order to form an institution of social help. After more than 20 years of inactivity, the Bocas del Toro chapter started again. Now, directed by Ancelmo Thompson, it has more than 48 volunteers. These volunteers have combined sports initiatives in order collect funds for a new facility to house their chapter. This chapter has sought out a piece of land on Fourth St., in Ave. B, behind the Christ Church. In order to start the construction of the building, they searched for ideas to raise the funds needed to begin this project. This led to Bocas’ The Great Marathon, 6 kilometers of running and cycling. This event was held on August 12, 2012, in front of the park in Bocas Town. It was such a success the Red Cross would like to encourage the people of Bocas to support this event every three months. Not only does it provide funds to a good cause, it encourages a healthy lifestyle. The female winners of the first marathon were Vera Nawantty (first place) and Linda Nawantty (second place).The male winners were Fabian Salazar (first place), Alonso Omier (second place), and Christopher Gracia (third place). The winners of the children’s category were Keyrin Georgett (first place) and Irma Gomez (second place).  The winners of the cycling portion were Carlos Ortiz (first place), Isael Correoso (second place), and Felicito Gondola (third place).

The Red Cross chapter of Bocas del Toro would like to thank its volunteers and participates for their enthusiasm and support. They hope the individuals of Bocas, both local and foreign, to support these activities, through donations or by active participation. The next event will contain the marathon and cycling activities and has already been scheduled for October 7th, 2012. Mark your calendars now!

I was personally involved in the marathon on August 12, and it’s always a wonderful experience to see a community come together to support a common goal. The Red Cross is hoping that you will  participate in the next event or consider becoming a volunteer.

For information you can call: 68182602 or send an email to:

By Yorlenis Delgado


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