Telecommunication and Electricity brought to Valle Escudo


Upon returning back to the states early this year, founding Floating Doctors crew member Noah Haas began working on a partnering project that would bring cellular networking and solar powered electricity into communities specified by Floating Doctors. Trojan Battery and Wilson Electronics signed on as supporters through equipment donations that would bring power, a cellular repeater, and a cell phone recharging station to a community in one combined system. Floating Doctors identified Valle Escondido, a community that their team works with often, as the first key community to connect! Peace Corp worker Tricia championed the project to her community who came together to build the “telecom house” out of materials native to their island. Tom Duffy, Barb, and Stacy from the Solar Biz in Bocas del Toro signed on to the project by offering their electrical expertise to Noah and the Floating Doctors crew. On Sunday, October 13, Noah, the entire Floating Doctors boat crew, and the Solar Biz team packed two pangas full of cellular, solar, and other 21st century equipment and took it to the community of Valle Escondido. This team along with key members of the community worked together all day to fully install the cellular repeater ( which will bring cell phone service to the community and allow for communication into and out of the remote island enabling them to key into the Floating Doctors Emergency response system) the solar panels, and the recharging unit. This amazing team effort is just the first of many that will connect these remote communities not only to one another but to the world outside! A HUGE thanks to Noah Haas, Trojan Batteries, Wilson Electronics, and the Solar Biz for making this happen!

Telecom cover photo

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