Yoga 101

Yoga 101
By Laura Kay, Founder and Teacher at Bocas Yoga
Traveling to Bocas Del Toro? Here are some yoga tips that can make your journey more pleasant. If you are traveling a long distance, a few simple twists in your seat will help get your body feeling more comfortable. Get up and stretch your legs to get circulation going. Upon arrival to our beautiful island remember the first principle of yoga is positive attitude – you are open to new ideas, a new culture, something bigger than yourself. Learn to embrace the unfamiliar and simply go with the flow. This means being more flexible in mind than in body. Yoga is for everyone – no experience required! It can help your body adjust to new conditions. Yoga can improve your sleep in an unfamiliar bed, it can detoxify if you choose to imbibe. Yoga can improve your surfing skills, even your sex life. What’s not to like? It brings balance and equanimity even during challenging times. Sit with yourself and enjoy your breath. If you have room in your hotel, do some hip-openers or legs up the wall for your back. This is where second principle of yoga is important – alignment. Training in proper anatomical alignment is important in any yoga pose so that you are safe and get an optimal flow of energy throughout your body. Third principle is action – that’s where the smile and sparkle in your eyes shine at the realization that you are awesome. Your intrinsic nature is of freedom and goodness – a reason to celebrate!


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