Dish of the Month: El Pecado

So I’m sitting in El Pecado and I’m wondering: exactly what is the dish of the month this time around? Will it be this juicy filet front of me or the voluptuous ebony beauty sitting to my right? I’m hoping it’s the latter, but my dreams are shattered when it dawns on me that I’m featuring a restaurant, not writing an erotic novel and furthermore, she’s married…
from the grill 3

“This is the queen of the restaurant,” proclaims Andrea’s husband Stefane as he introduces his wife to me. Andrea and Stephane are owners of El Pecado del Sabor, home to an exquisite dining experience, with a street view of the heart of Bocas Town, located on the main street (Calle Tercera).

Andrea was born in the city of Colon and raised in Almirante, but soon became bedazzled by the beauty of Bocas in 2002. “I first came as a tourist. I started to come every weekend. Then I would stay 3, 4, 5, 6 days at a time until I found a job,” she remembers. She took jobs at La Iguana Bar and Aqua Lounge before landing a job as a hostess at 9 Degrees and working her way up to become the manager of the restaurant. She found her calling working in restaurants and she and her husband decided to buy El Pecado in May of 2012.

At El Pecado you will find quite the varied menu featuring dishes from Greece, Italy, Thailand, the Middle East and Quebec. One thing I find really cool is that pizzas are all named after historical figures. If you like olives and bacon, order yourself the Barack Obama. If you like lots of meat, go for the Fidel Castro. If its goat cheese and nuts you’re looking for, well, than you better pray to Madre Teresa. El Pecado is also equipped with a full bar, including many imported beers you will not find elsewhere on this little island in the warm Caribbean waters of Panama.

blue cheese filet mignon

I totally recommend the dish of the month, which my suspicions were correct and turned out after all to be the steak. Now, this filet is tender as can be and is served in white wine cream,Dijon Mustard or Portobello mushrooms or blue cheese sauce on top of potatoes or coconut rice

Well, I’m at dinner at a nice restaurant so I’m not wearing a hat (that would be rude), but if I was wearing one, my hat would have to go off to Chef Belisario Batisa. He had worked with Andrea at 9 degrees and underwent 2 months of training with the original owners of El Pecado before the restaurant re-opened in May of last year. Well done, good sir.

There you have it, but why come to El Pecado? Let’s ask la reina, Andrea, herself:

“We have a wide variety of food, the food is very good, the service is excellent and because it’s a restaurant that has been in operation for many years. So many people leave the island and come back years later and they ask “Where is El Pecado?”

Indeed, where is El Pecado? Find out for yourself!



Nicholas Corea is the editor of the Bocas Breeze. He wasn't born in Bocas, though he got there as fast as he could. He is just one of the many foreigners who became enamored with the islands. His mission is to provide the community with news that unites and inspires, while sharing with the world the magic that is Bocas del Toro. Mr. Corea likes to extend his gratitude to everyone who makes The Bocas Breeze possible- starting with YOU (the reader).

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