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In a town like Bocas it’s hard to keep a secret, but there’s one we’ve recently uncovered that you may be interested in learning about. It’s a hidden little waterfront bistro, with a vegetarian flare, called Leaf Eaters Café. The soul child of Francesca, of the Island Traders Artisan Market, it’s proving to be an exceptional daytime place to eat for all of us who are just looking for a healthy alternative.

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Most of us didn’t even know there was another building behind her popular gift store, but with a little imaginative vision the vacant space has been transformed into a very cozy and stylish lunchtime eatery that specializes in remarkably flavorful vegetarian dishes, whole food beverages, delicious snacks and her daughter Lana’s specialty cold brewed iced coffees complete with her signature coffee ice cubes.

Having sailed to and explored the foods of over forty countries, before settling on dry land in Bocas with her husband and three daughters, Francesca has a depth of understanding of tastes and textures that delight the culinary senses. And added to incomparable flavors and presentations her extensive academic background in Holistic Nutrition brings a new level of well prepared and healthy food to Bocas’ lunchtime fare. “I’ve always had a deep passion for good food that’s good for you”, says Francesca, “but it’s always been more of an avocation, than a vocation.” Lana, who pretty much runs the place and who’s creative input is responsible for the refreshingly warm décor and friendly atmosphere says, “this is something my mom has always wanted to do. It’s really nice to see her having fun with it.”

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“But please note,” begs Francesca, “we’re just getting our feet on the ground with this. Having to juggle the storefront and prepare all the food for the café from scratch is a handful. We offer a varying and changing menu that always guarantees freshly prepared food from the highest quality ingredients available. And remember,” she adds, “you don’t have to a vegetarian to enjoy something a little different in a delicious and heart healthy lunch.”

Located over the water, next to TAXI 25 boat taxi, two doors up from the police station and behind the big brown awning of Island Traders the LEAF EATERS CAFÉ is open five days a week, from 10:00 am to sunset.

You’re invited to come in and join Francesca and Lana in one of the most pleasurable atmospheres in town for a truly unique dining experience.

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