Away from the beaches, in the mangrove swamps, there is great bird watching to be had. Common sightings in the red and yellow mangroves are the yellow warbler, the yellow warbler manglera and the American redstart. A variety of other birds can often be seen flying by the sea. Bring your binoculars and you will likely see the enormous frigate birds, with a wingspan of over a meter wide. With such a large wingspan they use the airstreams to lift them high above the ocean.  Along with the frigate birds you can see spotted sandpipers and laughing gulls near the coastline.

Bocas_del_Toro_Archipelago_map[1]In total there are 68 species of birds, most being recorded in the protected areas of the Marine National Park. This total includes the pick of the bunch for many bird watchers, the three wattled bellbird. Another fabulous bird to spot is the beautiful band-tailed barbthroat. In the park you can also watch the red-lored amazon and blue-headed parrots flying by in small colorful flocks. Head to Bird Island, near the nature reserve, to try your luck at catching a glimpse of the highly sought after red billed tropic bird, a flawless sea bird with glowing, long white tail feathers longer than its body.


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