Cloud Forest Botanicals

Cloud Forest Botanicals is a small, hands-on artisan business in the highlands of Chiriqui, above Boquete. On Finca Luz, Elizabeth Worley and Dianne Heidke grow over 50 different medicinal plants and wild craft from the jungle a dozen more. From these carefully selected and tinctured plants, the Cloud Forest Queens hand craft a line of a herbal products for many different health concerns.

“Mother Nature has provided us with a magnificent pharmacy, right outside our door,”states Worley. “Our ancestors knew her secrets. Which plants made into a tea would ease a stomach ache. Which leaves would stop diarrhea. Which bark would stop malaria…or kill the viruses and bacteria that give us the common cold and pneumonia.”

“But we’ve lost that knowledge in the age of Modern Medicine,” Heidke continues. “We have become completely dependent on the pharmaceutical companies to provide us the Magic Pill to cure all our ailments. In the process, we have abdicated responsibility for ourselves and our health.”

The results? Epidemic obesity. Epidemic asthma, even among children. Heart disease. High blood pressure. Diabetes. Dependency on pain killers and anti-depressants. These two crusaders advocate a diet that is close to nature. Organic when possible. Clean. Free from additives. Sugar. GMO’s. Known allergens and common foods that increase your chances for inflammation (the root of most disease).

“When a person makes small but consistent changes in his or her diet, and accompanies these changes with medicinal plants, significant improvements in health can be seen in as little as two to four weeks,” Heidke tell us.

“And it doesn’t mean going vegan or giving up everything you love,” Worley reassures. “Poco a poco. We have seen people reverse high blood pressure in a few weeks, sometimes days. Cleanse and heal guts damaged from antibiotics and over the counter pain killers. Increase energy, and even pull back from life threatening illnesses. Is it easy, all the time? No. But, given the alternatives…” she shrugs.

Cloud Forest Botanicals will be holding two seminars during December:

  • In Bocas Town, Bocas del Toro, on Wednesday, December 5th at Finca Las Monos, sponsored by Super Gourmet Bocas. Begins at 10:00 AM. Cost is $15.00. Workshop will last approximately 2 hours. Participants will learn about common medicinal plants and exotic rain forest plants, their traditional uses and the current state of pharmaceutical (often suppressed) research. CFB will also share easy ways to incorporate medicinal plants into your daily life and cooking.
  • On Wednesday, December 19th, the seminar will be at Super Gourmet in Casco Viejo, Panama City. Begins at 6 PM. This is a mini-workshop introduction offered at no charge.

For those interested, personal consultations can be scheduled after the workshop to discuss individual needs and concerns. Personal consultations include a review of diet, lifestyle, current medical concerns, health goals, kinesiology. Cost for this service is $35.00.

Contact Super Gourmet Bocas, Phone 507-757-9357 for Bocas del Toro workshop.

In Panama City, contact Super Gourmet Casco Viejo, Phone 507-212-3487.

Reserve your spot now. Space is strictly limited.

Happy, healthy living—this is the wish from the Cloud Forest Queens to you. “Let us help you achieve your goals.”

For more direct information from Cloud Forest Botanicals, visit their website at  or call 6636-8663 or 6527-5584. Visit them at Finca Luz for your own tour of the Medicine Way Trail and personal introduction to the the plants that heal.


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