Flora and Fauna in Bocas

By Emma Button

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Among many things, Bocas is famous for its diverse varieties of wildlife, flora and fauna that are present across the area. From the sandy beaches to the mangrove swamps, the rainforest to the coral reef, there is enough to keep the even biggest enthusiast enthralled for weeks on end. However, some of the native species are incredibly dangerous. If you are planning on coming to the Bocas to travel around in search of rare animals make sure you are properly prepared. Ensure you take the proper equipment, clothing and make sure you are properly covered for all eventualities that may occur. The jungle is extremely dense and difficult for normal emergency services to reach, so make sure your policy is fully comprehensive. If you take the proper precautions and care, you are guaranteed to see some of the most amazing wildlife in the whole of the world.

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Bocas Del Toro is a vast expanse of thick, lush jungles and thriving rainforests. In these ancient tropical forests, over 300 species of vascular plants have been recorded. Though extremely diverse, the majority of this plant life is made up of crab wood (or carapa), guaraba, oak, and yellow tree. The jungle is so thick, so there is very poor light within the canopy layer. At ground surface there is a predominance of plant life that does not require much sunlight to thrive including epiphytes and ferns. Unfortunately, over time the forest has been disturbed by human activity. Though there is no bright side to this destruction, many of the recovering or disturbed areas are home to new species of plant life including cotonron, cerillo, wild plum, and fig higueron trees.


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