Mother Howler Monkey Electrocuted, Baby Monkey Saved

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A report from the Community Liaison of la Policia Nacional, Sargent Martin Sanchez:

“In front of the School For Field Studies (Big Creek, Isla Colon), a Howler Monkey tried to pass from one tree to another and touched an electric cable. This monkey was a mother with her child on her back.  The two monkeys were thrown to the ground form the electric shock. The younger monkey was able to save itself while the mother unfortunately died from the electric shock. The monkeys were found by a the driver of the Bluff Beach shuttle, who found them in the street. Holly Hummel and company brought the surviving monkey to ANAM (Ministry of the Environment) so that it can be brought to the same center where the previous monkey was brought (in March of this year when a Howler monkey was found being held captive behind the counter of hardware store Hermanos Yong).”

Thank you Sgt. Sanchez for the report and kudos to ANAM, the Bluff Beach shuttle driver, Holly H and co. Our hearts go out to the little guy. What an ugly way to lose your mother and a traumatic experience altogether.




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