Starfish at Starfish Beach!

They’re Back! Starfish at Starfish Beach!

By Casie Dean
If you’ve been to Starfish Beach in the last year or so, you, like so many others who have been there previously were probably disappointed. A few years ago, before the pounding music, the abundance of beach bars, and the constant hum from generators that power all those blenders, there were hundreds of starfish; Hence the name Starfish Beach. But as tourist attractions go, there was a profit to be made by ruining this beautiful slice of perfect serenity. A few months ago when I visited, it was completely packed, which is great for business; However I was appalled to learn that due to the vibrations from the constant loud music the starfish decided to migrate elsewhere. There were garbage piles everywhere, plastic cups floating in the water and glass bottles lying in the sand. I think entrepreneurship is great but not at the expense of the environment. There was not a single starfish in sight. If I were them, I would’ve moved too.
Last week I decided to revisit Starfish Beach in order to take some photos of this travesty. To my surprise, it was pristine. The music was more than tolerable, the sand was raked, and there was not a single plastic cup out of place. I was shocked. While there are just as many beach bars as before, they seem to have cleaned up their act. And I wasn’t the only one that noticed, because there were at least 40 starfish in the water nearby. Now, this is nothing compared to before, but it’s a great start.



  1. Robert Shaw Reply

    Like you I went to Star Fish beach for the day 2 years ago. No bars, no music, I remember about 6 or 8 people , it was perfect. Then I returned last month. It was HORRIBLE I couldn’t believe how the local authority could allow such a wonderful peaceful environmental friendly beach could be ruined in such a way. The music was terrible the beach bars full of drunken tourists. I left after 10 minutes and will never return. Equally Bocas town was fully of trash and the smell hung all over the town. From being some place I really adored they have turned it into a place i never will return to. Shame on you all who run this town and have turned it into a hell hole.

    1. Doug Reply

      I couldn’t agree more ! I am sure those that have set up shop on the beach are in violation of numerous laws intended to protect the enviroment (and they are almost certainly guilty of trespassing, as they don’t own the property they are occupying). Now I understand they are dumping garbage in the mangroves up various creeks nearby. It seems that an effort should be made to DISCOURAGE tourists from visiting the beach. Perhaps Bocas Breeze could be more active in telling visitors to not contribute to the problem. Maybe a petition, or a sign in town, or posters in hostels, etc. might be a good start.

  2. Lou Evers Reply

    Thank you for noticing. Great article. You forgot to mention the fact that the locals have a huge fishtrap there. There killing the beautiful fish that the tourist are coming to see. Not very smart if your trying to attract tourists.
    I have pictures and i’ll send them if you give me an email address. Last time I was there I cut a huge hole in the netting and let out the fish. Shhhhhhhh!

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