Club Bocas Chess: Nurturing Young Minds Through the Game of Chess

Club Bocas Chess, a sports non-profit organization, has recently achieved a significant milestone with its endorsement by Pandeportes in January 2024. This endorsement marks a new chapter in the club’s mission to promote the educational and cultural benefits of chess among the youth of Bocas del Toro. Our club has been a beacon of hope and development since its inception in 2017, originally operating in collaboration with another club before becoming an independent entity dedicated to the holistic growth of its members.

Recent Achievements

National Absolute and Women’s Chess Championship

From May 15 to 19, 2024.  Club Bocas Chess proudly participated in the National Absolute and Women’s Chess Championship, marking the first time we had representatives in this prestigious event. Six of our talented players competed, a feat made possible through generous financial sponsorship. I personally sponsored three young players, covering their transportation, food, and accommodation expenses in Panama City. The total expenditure of $400 was graciously funded by recent donations from Mr. Eduardo Nelson, Saskia, Cheryl Scott , Principal Reyna of the Rogelio Ibarra School, and our 2024 club memberships.

Bocas Chess

2024 Pandeportes National Youth Games

Following the championship, from May 20 to 24, our delegation joined the 2024 Pandeportes National Youth Games in Panama City. Competing in classic, rapid, and blitz chess, our team, in collaboration with Club El Alfil, secured 3rd place in the national rankings. The delegation brought home a total of 10 individual medals:

Bocas Chess

  • Adaina Abrego: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Fei Zhang: 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
  • Lia Miranda: 3 Silver
  • José Chuito: 2 Bronze

Special recognition goes to our female participants, whose remarkable performances were instrumental in achieving our 3rd place position. Despite Pandeportes covering the primary travel expenses, additional costs for food, boat trips and lodging in Almirante and Changuinola amounted to $200, which were covered by our headquarters, the Multicultural International School Dr. Andres Culiolis Bayard. We extend heartfelt thanks to Professor Ixdalys for her dedicated chaperoning.

Our Mission and Vision

Club Bocas Chess is committed to more than just competitive success. We strive to foster individual growth and cultural enrichment through chess. Our comprehensive educational programs integrate chess to enhance cognitive and social skills, preparing our youth for future challenges. We believe in the profound impact of chess beyond tournaments, focusing on its educational benefits to nurture future generations.

Bocas Chess

Financial Needs and Support

To sustain our activities, especially transportation, food, and accommodations for national tournaments, we rely heavily on donations and community support. Our annual budget is essential for keeping our young participants motivated and involved. Additional funds enable us to conduct school-based workshops, particularly in remote areas, ensuring that the benefits of chess reach a wider audience.

How You Can Help

We invite you to support our cause by getting involved in various ways. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of young chess enthusiasts, helping them participate in national events and receive high-quality education through chess. Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Volunteer

Join us as a volunteer at our various locations! Your time and maturity are invaluable in mentoring and coaching young students and players, organizing events, and providing administrative support.

  • Donate

Financial contributions are crucial for our continued success and growth. Your donations will help cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and participation in national tournaments, as well as resources for educational programs.

  • Sponsor

Sponsorships from individuals and organizations can provide sustained support, ensuring we can continue offering high-quality chess education and opportunities to get remote schools.

  • Share

Help spread the word by sharing our fundraising link with your network. By raising awareness, you can help us reach a broader audience and gather more support for our mission.

Support Us Today

Please consider donating or sharing our fundraising link: Help Bocas Chess Students Compete in Tournaments.

For more information or to make a donation, contact our organization directly or visit us at our headquarters located at Ave. C, Calle 4th, within the Multicultural International School Dr. Andres Culiolis Bayard, Isla Colón. We also offer online workshops and free public school workshops (ad honorem)

Thank you for your support and for believing in the power of chess to change lives.

Joel Sanz
Secretary / Program Director
Club Academia Bocas Chess
+507 6561-0593


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