The APS Kicks off the 2014 National Surf Circuit at Paunch Beach


The Panamanian national surf circuit’s first stage was held this past weekend February 22nd and 23rd at Paunch Beach.  Waves were pumping in at 4 to 6 feet and many a good waves were made the battle grounds for many different groups of competitors.


Here are the results of CNS 2014 Cerveza Soberana national surf competition according to the Asociación Panameña de Surf:

1. Juanpi Caraballo
2. Diego Salgado

Open femenino:
1. Samantha Alonso
2. Valentina Ditale
3. Sonia “Pucha” García

1. Roberto Díaz
2. Tao Rodríguez
3. Paco Waldshmit
4. Juan Fischer

1. Juan David Isaac
2. Daniel Caraballo
3. Juan Caraballo
4. Alirio Carles

Stand Up paddle:
1. Cody
2. Noah
3. Ricardo Chiari.



Surfing experts agree it was a tough day for longboards as the wave was quite heavy and there is a lot of shallow reef at this particular surf break.  Perfect board breaking conditions; just ask Juan Caraballo and his board.

Congrats to the winners and kudos to all participants and supporters that made this event possible. Surf is a great sport and Bocas del Toro is blessed with plenty of it.

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