Dr. Orhan Kural Visits Bocas

Last month, Dr. Orhan Kural and five travelling companions visited Bocas del Toro. This is the first organized Turkish group to do so. Dr. Kural established the Turkish Travelers’ Club 13 years ago because of his love of travelling, and the club now has over 300 members. To date, he has visited 226 countries on 5 continents and holds 20 passports. His desire to travel began at an early age. Dr. Kural says, “When you travel, you learn,” and he has no plans to stop. He has written 15 books about his travelling experiences and Bocas is to be in his next book. Dr. Kural was quite content with Bocas saying, “The people are nice. Bocas is still keeping the culture, and because this is important, I will promote Bocas to the world.”

Dr. Kural is not just a travelling man. He is head of the Mining Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University where he also teaches. His career as a coal expert helped him to him to produce his most important book, Coal, which has 52 co-authors and 157 contributing scientists. Dr. Kural has a never-ending list of personal achievements, yet he remains surprisingly humble. For a man who has been recognized by leaders of countries across the world and has written bestselling books, he is far from finished. When asked if he would ever retire he simply smiled and shook his head.


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