The Piratas Riders Visit Isla Colon with 300+ Motorcycles

Friday July 15th, more than 300 motorcycles invaded Isla Colon to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the founding of the motorcycle club Piratas Riders. They have been active for 19 years now. The 9 original founders are from the Chiriqui province of Panama, but the club is comprised of more than 500 members, not only from Panama but from Mexico and all over Central America. I spoke with the president and co-founder Umberto Cebilla.


He tells me that the motivation to start the club was to create civic organization in which everyone could participate- men, women, boys and girls. Also, while many motorcycle clubs are known for their wild parties, the original vision of the founders was to create a more family-orientated group dedicated to civic duties.

The main tenets of the Piratas Riders are tourism, volunteer work and passion for motorcycles.


They have traveled most of the Americas, from Canada to South America, participating in many social projects.

Good job guys and great way to break the “biker” stereotype.


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