Sabroso Meats Is Open with Quality Meats in Bocas del Toro!

Calling all carnivores: there is a new place to get your quality meats in Bocas del Toro.

Pandemic projects- baking bread was a craze for a minute. Do you remember that? Some people got into home fitness, day trading, day drinking…Home-schooling has been necessary for parents (though hopefully not while day drinking) and many have needed to shift their occupational focus to adapt to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus. Enter Sabroso Meats.

Dayana, Aiden and Cliff stand in front of their newly opened Sabroso Meats store.

Dayana, Aiden and Cliff (left to right) on the opening day of Sabroso Meats. March 17, 2021

Cliff Freid is the owner of Cliff’s Hostel and is also the proprietor of the new home for quality meats in Bocas del Toro. Along with practically every accommodation in the area, he closed in mid-March 2020 wth the declaration of national emergency. After a few months, the immediate future looked dismal in the hostel business; and recently in December 2019, Cliff and his partner Dayana were blessed with their son Aiden, so looking to make ends meet for the young family, Cliff took to investing in stocks and trying to sell items on Ebay.

“The whole Ebay thing is not easy!” remembers Cliff. He retired from that short-lived career and delved into a passion project of his- a need of which he had identified when first moving to the island: a shop specializing in only quality meats in Bocas del Toro. Cliff comes from a restaurant background in New York (The Black Ant), so he knows his way around your tenderloins, ribeyes, T-bones, etc.

Cliff went all over Panama, embarking on a search for the best product in all the land. After much research, he concluded that the best quality meats in Panama come from generations of cattle ranchers in the province of Chiriqui, distributed from the David-based company called Standard Meats.

Now with a product he could believe in, Cliff then renovated what used to be reception and the front office of the hostel, converting it into Bocas del Toro’s new house of premium meats. The place was adorned with some lovely art by Carla of CreArte Bocas and Cliff and family were able to open its doors on Wednesday, March 17. Another blessing to this new venture is that their housekeeping manager Margarita can come back to work, even though the hostel remains closed.

Margarita is happy to be back working again, with her new role at Sabroso Meats.

“I’ve always had a passion for meat. I went to most of the best steakhouses in New York. When I got these steaks and cooked my first Angus, it was like I was sitting in the best steakhouse in New York,” says the very passionate meat connoisseur, a big believer in the quality of his product.

I personally fancy a nice steak every now and then, and was actually in need of a 10 inch cast iron skillet for my kitchen, so I was obliged to be one of Sabroso Meat’s first customers, picking up a cast iron skillet and Cliff’s favorite cut: the Porterhouse. One steak dinner later and I can tell you that the meat -and accessories- are now Bocas Breeze tested and approved…but go see for yourself!

porterhouse steak still raw being cooked in a new cast iron skillet from Sabroso Meats in Bocas del Toro

After properly seasoning my new cast iron skillet, I was eager to test both the pan and the Porterhouse cut that Cliff recommended. Sabroso’s meat and accessories are now tested and 100% approved by The Bocas Breeze!


Sabroso Meats is located in the same building as Cliff’s Hostel, on Avenida G, between Calle 5 and 6. There you will find only the highest quality meats in Bocas del Toro, as well as knives, pans, skillets, seasonings, sauces and amazing Finca Panda coffee from Boquete.

The shop is open Wednesday to Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm (for that last minute weekend BBQ shopping!) Visit @sabrosomeats on Instagram and Facebook for updates and specials.


Cliff poses with Dayana and Aiden in their new meat store Sabroso Meats in Bocas del Toro Panama

Sabroso Meats is a family business!



A painting of a red steer skull silhouette, with a black background and white letters that read "Life's Sweet. Eat Meat"

Art by the talented Carla of @creartebocas

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  1. Darrell McIntyre Reply

    Hi Cliff my name is Dino and I’m seriously considering a move to panama next month.
    I’m wondering if you would have some time to speak with me regarding opening up a small food business and where I could get my meat products from for gourmet hot dogs, smokies and philly cheese steak beef from.

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