Local Cocoa Production Celebrated at Bocas’ First 2019 Show-Colate International Fair

Citizens of Chocolate, in association with The Darklands Foundation, is proud to announce the first chocolate fair in Bocas on September 29: Show-colate International Fair. The province of Bocas del Toro happens to be the largest national cocoa producer in the Republic of Panama and so far there is no regional event celebrating the culture and productivity of Bocas del Toro chocolate. October 1st is World Cocoa and Chocolate Day and with that in mind; it’s time to celebrate this occasion with a quality event dedicated to chocolate lovers, to the cocoa production of Bocas del Toro and support local producers and chocolatiers.

The first year’s date for the chocolate fair is set for September 29th at the Lost Boys Blues Bar on Carenero Island. Over 200 visitors are expected, 15 exhibitors of environmentally friendly products and 30 competitors in a chocolate culinary contest. Each contestant will prepare 40 pieces of chocolate and will be judged by a jury of chocolate professionals, institutions and premium partners. It will be a family friendly event so feel free to bring the younger fans of chocolate!

“Our goal is to repeat the Bocas Chocolate Fair every year on the same date as World Cocoa and Chocolate Day, to create a tourist attraction that benefits all the Bocas islands and the tourism industry. The theme represents a symbol of the culture and agriculture of Bocas del Toro,” says event organizer, Mathilde Grand.

Find more information on the event by following The Bocas Breeze, Citizens of Chocolate and The Darklands Foundation on Facebook and Instagram. There is still time to become an exhibitor, participate in the culinary contest or for partnership opportunities.

Contact Mathilde (The Darklands Foundation) thedarklandsfoundation@gmail.com +507 6621 4108 or Jerome (Panapluma) panapluma@gmail.com +507 6415 7074.

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Los Citizens of Chocolate, en asociación con el The Darklands Foundation, está orgulloso de anunciar la primera feria de chocolate en Bocas: La Feria Internacional de Show-colate. La provincia de Bocas del Toro resulta ser la mayor productora de cacao nacional de la República de Panamá y hasta el momento no hay ningún evento regional que celebre la cultura y productividad del chocolate de Bocas del Toro. El 1ero de octubre es el Día mundial del Cacao y Chocolate y por ende; es hora de celebrar esta ocasión con un evento de calidad dedicado a los amantes del chocolate, a la producción de cacao en Bocas del Toro y para apoyo de productores locales y chocolaterías. 

La fecha del primer año de la feria de chocolate se programó para el 29 de septiembre en el Lost Boys Blues Bar de Isla Carenero. Se espera que haya más de 200 visitantes, 15 exhibidores de productos ecológicos y 30 competidores en un concurso culinario de chocolate. Cada participante preparará 40 trozos de chocolates y será juzgado por un jurado de profesionales del chocolate, instituciones, y socios importantes. ¡Será un evento para toda la familia así que puede traer a todos los jóvenes fans del chocolate!

“Nuestra meta es de repetir el Bocas Chocolate Fair cada año durante la misma fecha del Día Mundial del Cacao y el Chocolate, para crear una atracción turística que beneficie a todas las islas de Bocas y a la industria del turismo. Este tema representa un símbolo de nuestra cultura y la agricultura de Bocas del Toro,” dice la organizadora del evento Mathilde Grand.

Usted puede encontrar más información sobre el evento al seguir en-línea al Bocas Breeze, Citizens of Chocolate y el The Darklands Foundation. Aún hay tiempo para ser un exhibidor, participar en el concurso culinario y oportunidades de convertirse en un socio. Contacte a Mathilde (The Darklands Foundation) thedarklandsfoundation@gmail.com +507 6621 4108 or Jerome (Panapluma) panapluma@gmail.com +507 6415 7074


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  1. SuAnn OBrien Reply

    We went to thus very soecial plantation. The people were so informative sharing their live of their lifes work with our family. It was an intamate experience being given a hands on lesson on grinding the cocoa beans.

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